Greater Philadelphia Monthly Scholastic

July 21 11:30AM

Days Inn Horsham, 245 Easton Rd, Horsham, PA 19044. Free Parking and Free WiFi

11:30AM - 3:30PM.  Onsite registration ends at 11:00AM on game day.  First round game starts at 11:30AM and then ASAP.  No need to check in if you have pre-registered online.  Awards ceremony starts around 3:30PM or earlier.

Entry fee: 
Online registration is $20 by July 15th or $35 by July 20th.  On-site registration is $40 cash.  Entry fee fully refundable for withdrawal before 11:00AM on game day.

Special Entry fee: 
Free for players with a USCF rating of 1500 or higher.  Just skip the payment step after submitting your registration.

K-12 Championship: for Grades K to 12 players rated 1000 or higher.
K-12 Reserve (Under 1000)for Grades K to 12 players rated under 1000.
K-12 Beginners (Under 500)for Grades K to 12 beginner players. Recommended for players rated under 500.

All games will be rated by US Chess Federation (USCF) and hence a current USCF membership is required to play.  You can renew your membership or become a USCF member at  Players' latest USCF post tournament rating will be used for eligibility and pairing purposes.  Any player may choose to play in a higher-rated section than the lowest for which he/she is eligible for a greater challenge.

Time Control:
K-12 Championship section: 3 round swiss.  Every player plays 3 games with a time control of G/45;d5 (45 minutes per game with 5 second delay per move for each player).
All the other sections: 4 round swiss.  Every player plays 4 games with a time control of G/25;d/5 (25 minutes per game with 5 second delay per move for each player). 

A player can take maximum one half point bye for skipped games. Request byes before the first round starts.

Optional One More Rated Game (no extra charge):
Players can choose to play one more rated game after the Awards Ceremony.  Players will be paired based on their ratings, i.e. 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, ...
Trophies to top 3 in each section.  Honorable Mention trophies to the rest of players who score 1.5 points or higher in the Championship section or 2 points or higher in the other sections.  Participation trophies to all new players of our tournament, who do not win one of the top 3 or Honorable Mention trophies.

Chess sets and clocks are provided.